Kommentarii weekly (Commentaries weekly) composed a rating of the most strange pre-election promises of the candidates to the post of the President of Ukraine.

Particularly, this is a rating of promises, which, according to an opinion of edition, contradict to all economics and logic laws, and common sense. This rating includes:

1. Victor Yanukovych: “My aim is 50 million citizens of Ukraine in year 2020”.

2. Inna Bogoslovska: “Ukraine will make “Kyiv initiative” concerning carrying out in Kyiv the negotiations of the world community on new world order topic”.

3. Volodymyr Lytvyn: “Key task – is providing correlation of minimal and maximum wage in proportion 1 to 5”.

4. Petro Symonenko: “ The minimum share of salaries in the product prime cost will be set at 60%.

5. V. Yushchenko: “A hryvnia will become the only payment means in Ukraine. There will be no foreign currency transactions and prices in the home market”.

6. Oleg Tyagnybok: “European Ukrainian-centrism – strategic course of the government”.

7. Anatoliy Hrytsenko: “I will make an official  to speak with people in the language, he/she is addressed”.

8. Oleksandr Pabat: “The state monopoly  on main land resources will be renewed and the state will take the land on long-term lease”.

9. Yulia Tymoshenko: “Immediately after the crisis we will resume a long term housing mortgage loans at 2-4% per annum for 10-30 years”.

10. Lyudmyla Suprun: “The schools will turn to multimedia scientific-cultural centers of education and development of personality”.