Lawmaker from the Party of Regions Nestor Shufrych hit in the face Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko during a break of “Shuster Live” television program.

The press service of “People’s Defense” civil movement said to UNIAN that chief of mass media department of the Interior Ministry Inna Kisil disclosed this.

According to the words of I. Kisil, when Y. Lutsenko was going out of the studio during the break, N. Shufrych sprang from backs and hit Y. Lutsenko in the face.

“N. Shufrych started provoking Yuri V. Lutsenko and yelling “Ura, come on!”, in order to continue the scuffle”, said I. Kisil.

According to her words, the Minister answered to lawmaker from the Party of Regions: “When you remove you parliamentary immunity than we will talk like men. Now I do not want to soil my hands”.

Y. Lutsenko left the studio.

 According to data of the press service of “People’s Defense” civil movement, Y. Lutsenko was at odds with N. Shufrych during the program in the studio.