Prime Minister of Ukraine, candidate for the post of President Yulia Tymoshenko assures that in a case if she does not get to the second tour of the presidential election, she will support a candidate from the democratic forces, “in spite of history of our relations”.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, she said this in the interview to Lviv television, answering the question, “whether she believes that her rivals will unite and support her in the second tour”.

“I am not judge for them (for rivals). I want to note that it is necessary to think about Ukraine in the second tour. If I do not get into the second tour I will definitely support the candidate from the democratic forces, in spite of history of our relations”, said Yu. Tymoshenko.

Yu. Tymoshenko sees Victor Yushchenko as this candidate and she illustrated her readiness to support the democratic candidate by her phrase, which she said in 2004. “I remind once more what I said in 2004: I am ready to wash clothes in the headquarters of President V. Yushchenko”, said Yu. Tymoshenko.