The Verkhovna Rada Speaker, Olexandr Moroz, wants to meet with President Yushchenko to discuss the current situation in the country after parliamentarians have voted to override the President’s veto to the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

This according to Mr. Moroz’s speech after his meeting with Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine, Yanush Tot, as reported by Ukrayinski Novyny news agency.

The Speaker wants to decline all responsibility for signing the law and to shift it to the President. In accordance with the Ukrainian Constitution, in case the president refuses to sign the law adopted by the parliament through overriding the veto, the speaker has to do it.

Mr. Moroz stated his certainty the current clash between power braches was natural in the period of transition to parliamentary-presidential republic and it would soon be overcome.

At that the Speaker emphasized the Parliament was ready to provide stability of the political situation in the country.

Earlier Our Ukraine member, Yuriy Klochkovskiy, offered Speaker Olexandr Moroz to sign the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers instead of the President.

Mr. Yushchenko refuses to sign the law which was adopted through overriding his veto.