The family of the President of Ukraine is always looking forward to Christmas holidays. Kateryna Yushchenko said this in the interview to “Facty” (“Facts”) newspaper. At the same time she noted that Christmas in Yushchenko’s family is first of all a religious holiday.

“I do everything possible in order this holiday not to be lost in a turmoil of New Year trees, fires and gifts. Our girls have already read some children Bibles and they also know many prayers. Taras also knows some prayers. My children go to a church, visit Sunday classes, we read Bible and pray together”, K. Yushchenko commented religious upbringing of children in their family, official web site of the candidate to post of the President V. Yushchenko reports.

Kateryna Yushchenko said that she enjoys preparing the house for winter holidays.

Speaking about gifts, Kateryna Yushchenko said that she prefers practical gifts and her husband prefers romantic gifts.

K. Yushchenko said that Sophia wants a guitar and Taras wants a hamster for Christmas holidays. At the same time the first lady said that it is rather difficult to find a gift for Hrystyna. “She wants the things, which she saw in dreams and fantasies. Once she asked for a crystal bullet, the similar one she saw in fairy-tale book. This year Hrystyna wants a toy dolphin, but it has to be “like real one”. I think that we will buy books about dolphins”, said K. Yushchenko.