A pack of homeless dogs bit to death a man in Shevchenkivskyi district of Kyiv near the television center at Melnikova Street. The victim Ivan Voloshyn is 27-year-old resident of Makarov settlement of the Kyiv Oblast, who worked as camera operator in the capital.

As it was reported earlier, I. Voloshyn was robbed and killed by unknown people. Mass media reported that the body was found with injuries on his head, and a mobile telephone disappeared from a pocket of the man.

However, the press service of “Shelter for animals” communal company disclosed to TSN.ua, this information was not confirmed. The press service said that I. Voloshyn died because of dogs. Now the communal services of the city are taking appropriate measure for struggle against packs of homeless animals.

According to data of “Shelter for animals”, employees of the law enforcement agencies found a corpse of a young man with many bites in a pool of blood on December 26 at Novoukrainskaya street, 1/3A in the Shevchenkivskyi district.

 Employees of the law enforcement agencies called 3 brigades of hunters of “Shelter for animals”.

They succeeded catching 11 out of 40 dogs from the pack, the dogs were sent to the shelter in Borodyanka settlement of the Kyiv Oblast. The caught dogs have red collars, it indicates that the dogs are in charge of volunteers.

Representatives of the company note that inhabitants of neighbouring houses complained repeatedly about attacks and bites of dogs, but some dogs were sterilized and were  in charge of volunteers, it was impossible to catch them without a consent of volunteers.

According to opinion of shelter’s experts, an attack of a pack of dogs on a person can be caused by either aggression or awoken hunting instincts.