Victor Yushchenko is now preparing this year’s Annual Address to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, his press secretary, Iryna Vannykova, has said, according to the President`s press-office.

“We want to inform you about this document today, on January 23, the second anniversary of President Victor Yushchenko’s inauguration, for his address analyzes developments of the past two years and outlines the country`s middle-term and short-term priorities,” she said.

The President wants his forty minute speech to focus on ways to boost Ukraine’s competitiveness in the most important areas of life, she said. 

“This is the basic idea of the address….” 

Mrs. Vannykova said the President wanted to formulate strategies when most of the politicians are primarily concerned with current events and problems.

The Annual Address to the Verkhovna Rada is a complex document outlining the President’s political, economic, humanitarian, security, foreign and home initiatives. It is being written by a group of over twenty reputable scholars, political experts, economists, lawyers and information specialists, as well as newly appointed presidential advisors.