Leader of the Party of Regions Victor Yanukovych did not believe that Yulia Tymoshenko will be able to establish dictatorship of law.

He said this in “Real Candidate” program at ICTV television channel.

“When Yu. Tymoshenko says that it is necessary to establish a dictatorship of law, it looks funny, when she says this. Because she never implements the things she promises. The last example is when she wriggled out in order not to fulfill the law on social guarantees, not to increase salaries and pensions. This is democracy for them”, said V. Yanukovych.

At the same time V. Yanukovych made an audience laugh, when having said: “This is not a balalaika. One stick, two strings, as they say. I am head of whole country”, while answering Valid Arfush’s question about terrorism and International Atomic Energy Agency.

Ukrainska Pravda