The High Council of Justice has considered the situation surrounding the judge of Mukachevo Court at a January 23 session, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

After the completion of the session the Acting Head of the High Council of Justice Lidiya Izotova ordered one of her subordinates to find probable cause for dismissing Judge of Mukachevo Court Volodymyr Monych.

Mrs. Izotova claims Mr. Monych has perjured himself and should quit.

The Mukachevo Court of Zakarpatya region forbade Speaker Olexandr Moroz to sign the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers.

The Verkhovna Rada overrode the President’s veto on the Law on the Cabinet on January 12. President Yushchenko vetoed it for the second time on January 19. Mr. Yushchenko explained his deed by the fact the texts of the law adopted on January 12 differed from the first variant of the law he had vetoed before.