Criminal case may be brought Against VR Speaker

12:19, 26 January 2007
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President’s advisor gives reasons

Anatoliy Tkachuk, advisor to President of Ukraine, believes that should the law on the Cabinet of Ministers be publicized, the prosecutor’s office will bring a criminal case on the fact of abuse of powers against the Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksander Moroz.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, A.Tkachuk disclosed this to journalists in Kyiv today.

He underscored that the text of the law, which was distributed among lawmakers for voting, did not contain the provision 4, and, respectively, was submitted for the consideration of the President without this provision.

“One must not add provisions to a law without voting. The legal side of the issue is as simple as doors – the law cannot be signed without a repeat consideration”, A.Tkachuk said.

“If O.Moroz does it, then, at first, the whole law will be called in question, as the principle of its constitutional publicizing will be violated, and the prosecutor’s office may bring a criminal case on the fact of abuse of powers against the VR Speaker”, he stressed.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 19 January President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko repeatedly vetoed the law on Cabinet, which was adopted by the VR on 12 January.

On 22 January the Mukachevski city district court forbade Verkhovna Rada chairman Oleksander Moroz to sign the law “On the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, which was adopted on 12 January. In particular, the court examined the suit of Our Ukraine representative Ihor Kril vs the Verkhovna Rada, about declaring illegal the eventual actions of the VR chairman should he sign the law on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Having examined the suit, the court decided to forbid the parliament speaker to sign the law on the Cabinet of Ministers, and also forbade the Verkhovna Rada and any other natural persons or legal entities to submit for publishing the law on the Cabinet, adopted on 12 January.

The court also forbade “Holos Ukrayiny”, “Uriadovy Kurier”, other official press, natural persons and legal entities, to publish the law on the Cabinet.

On 23 January, VR Speaker Oleksander Moroz claimed that the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will be publicized in line with the Constitution of Ukraine.

According to O.Moroz, “I do not have any other choice”. He emphasized that his signature, as of the VR Speaker, is already under this law, since the document was signed when it was submitted for the consideration of the President of Ukraine after it was adopted by the parliament. Thus, O.Moroz stressed, now the matter concerns only its publicizing.

On 25 January, in an interview to RFE/RL, O.Moroz did not rule out that the law might have been published on 26 January.

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