According to last data, which the Central Electoral Commission received, 99.78 % of ballot papers of the divisional electoral commissions has been processed: Victor Yanukovych gained 35, 36% of votes and Yulia Tymoshenko gained 25.02%.

The corresponding information is posted at the official web site of the CEC.

Sergiy Tigipko gained 13.05% of votes, Arseniy Yatsenyuk gained 6.95%, Victor Yushchenko gained 5.45% of votes, Petro Symonenko gained 3.55% of votes, Volodymyr Lytvyn gained 2.35% of votes, Oleg Tyagnybok gained 1.43% of votes, Anatoliy Hrytsenko gained 1.2% of votes, Inna Bogoslovska gained 0.41% of votes and 2.2% of voters did not support any candidate.