Victor Yushchenko sees round tables involving the country’s political leaders as an efficient way to discuss important issues, his press secretary, Iryna Vannykova, has said, according to the President`s press-office.

The President believes such discussions help make public compromises and determine directions of the country’s development.

“On January 10, the President initiated a national round table, which is scheduled for February 14 and will involve political and public leaders, artists, and journalists. He wants its participants to formulate a 2007 action plan based on the National Unity Pact,” she said.

Mr. Yushchenko insists that the Verkhovna Rada adhere to the constitution to pass a revised bill on the cabinet of ministers, otherwise it may minimize chances for their productive dialogue, she said. 

“The President reiterates: a legally impeccable law on the cabinet of ministers is a prerequisite for their constructive dialogue at the February round table and will be one of its starting points,” she said.

He thinks all the confrontational issues should be removed from the agenda of that meeting and wants society to be offered wise proposals and no attempts to gain more power.