“ I spoke with current President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and I understood that he will stay in politics in future”, said candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine Sergiy Tigipko in “Black and White” program at Tvi television channel.

“For me it is necessary to understand what will happen at West of Ukraine, where the President had rather strong positions”, said S. Tigipko, having noted that he initiated this talk.

“I believe, that he (V. Yushchenko) is able to form some political force, come to the parliament and have an influence through a parliamentary faction. I believe it is not bad”, Ukrainska Pravda cites S. Tigipko.


The politician noted that he negotiated about early parliamentary election with leader of the Party of Regions Victor Yanukovych: “We talk about that, I will not say how”.

“We elaborated some steps, which can serve as variants, but it is difficult to bribe me by this” he said.

“First of all, the thing (post of the Prime Minister), which Yu. Tymoshenko proposes is much weightier and concrete.  It is not interesting just to dissolve the parliament –. I will say honestly, I do not believe in this”, said S. Tigipko.

At the same time the politician noted: “I would do everything the parliament to be dissolved”.


S. Tigipko said that Prime Minister of Ukraine Yu. Tymoshenko proposed a post of the Prime Minister to him in exchange for open support in the second tour of the presidential election.

“She proposed to support her quite openly, to have some joint action program, under which she is ready to put a signature”, he said.

“After she is elected the President the post of Prime Minister will be vacant. She is sure that she will form the majority (in the parliament)”, noted the politician.

“After that I heard her statement. We did not speak about this. She said that in any case, even if S. Tigipko does not support her openly she will offer this post to me”, he said.

“ I suppose that this promise will not be fulfilled and some reasons, which allow not to fulfill this, will be found. Then I can appeal to people and this will not add authority to anyone, except me”, underlined S. Tigipko.