Lawmaker from the Party of Regions Ganna German believes that her former party colleague, lawmaker Taras Chornovol did not behave himself like a man when making a statement about her today.

G. German said this in the interview to UNIAN commenting on the statement of T. Chornovol publicized by some mass media “that it is G. German who does not let candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych go for television debates”.

“In this history with T. Chornovol I will be a man”, said G. German.

She said that: “When I listen how T. Chornovol throws mud at the team a member of which he was 5 years, and at me personally, I believe that in our history with Taras Chornovol somebody should be a man”.

“I will take on this role. This is all I can say about behaviour of T. Chornovol”, said G. German.