There was reached an agreement in the parliament to overcome the veto on the law on the imperative mandate, should President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko not sign it by 5 February.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, BYuT front-runner Yulia Tymoshenko said this, speaking today at the All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Councils Deputies, elected on the BYuT list.

Yulia Tymoshenko noted that should the President stand on democratic positions, he would sign this law. “We expect that the President will fulfill his function and give life to this law. If the law is not signed, we will overcome the veto in the parliament”, she said. “There is a kind a political agreement – this law will come into force under any conditions and under any circumstances”, Yulia Tymoshenko added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Victor Yushchenko may veto a law on the so-called imperative mandate for deputies of local councils, as it violates the Constitution of Ukraine, Deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff Ihor Pukshyn told a news conference on Friday.

According to him, first, the abovementioned law stipulates that deputies can be deprived of their status for a number of reasons. However, article 141 of Ukraine’s Constitution states that reasons to deprive deputies of their status should be defined in the law.

Second, the law applies to those elected on March 26, 2006, but no law or legal act can be retroactive, Mr. Pukshyn said.

Third, the law stipulates no defense for deputies.

“If deputies are deprived of the status without any reason, the law stipulates no possibility to appeal to court to protect their violated rights,” he explained.