No provision of the National Unity Pact has been fulfilled so far, Victor Yushchenko has complained at a press conference, according to the President`s press-office.


“Compromises that were found, including those to resolve problems, have not yet been materialized as acts issued by the government and bills passed by the Verkhovna Rada,” he said.

One of such unresolved problems is the land issue. Ukraine needs a legal land market and laws ensuring that it functions properly, he said.

Another provision stipulated that the country’s political leaders would together author a cabinet bill.

“We all agreed to jointly prepare this law before submitting it to parliament for a vote. This law was meant to regulate relations in the president-parliament-cabinet triangle, so it would have been expedient to involve these three sides in formulating the bill,” he said. “In fact, the government and the parliamentary majority prepared this document in an arbitrary and unilateral way, and now we have another conflict.”

The President also said there were still quite a few language and Euro-Atlantic misunderstandings. 

“We failed to fulfill many other things, which had been put in the National Unity Pact as our common goals,” he said.

“Only goals can unite political forces and government. As far as the National Unity Pact, which determined directions and outlined national priorities, its goals can make us forget the colors of our flags and symbolize compromises on national interests.”