The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has brought several suits against the President to administrative courts. Deputy President’s Chief of Staff Ihor Pukshyn claimed this to a press conference today.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, the yesterday session of the government approved of 8 administrative suits against the President.

“The Cabinet of Ministers believes that the President illegally issued the decree on appointing chairmen of administrations”, I.Pukshyn said.

According to him, he does not have any precise information about the number of suits that were and will be submitted to the Pecherskiy district court of Kyiv, but he knows that the government also prepares a suit concerning the President’s decree on appointing acting chairmen of district state administrations.

I.Pukshyn called the suits unintelligible and incorrect. He noted that the suits lack arguments concerning which exactly rights of the plaintiff were violated, and which laws were violated by the President.

The Deputy Chief of Staff stressed that, in line with the Constitution, the President appoints and sacks chairmen of administrations on the submission of the Cabinet of Ministers. “Thus, in August, the Cabinet of Ministers made submissions concerning 9 people for appointing them as district state administrations chairmen. As the government changed, the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers turned with a letter to the Chief of Staff to recall the above documents”, I.Pukshyn disclosed.

He noted that to legally recall these documents, a decision must have been adopted at the level of a government session, without sending a letter on behalf a certain Minister.