President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko may appeal to the Constitutional Court to get explanations whether he may sack the government. Deputy President’s Chief of Staff Ihor Pukshyn claimed this to a press conference today.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, commenting on the intent of the Cabinet of Ministers to appeal in the Constitutional Court nearly 10% of the President’s decrees, I.Pukshyn noted that he would like to see which exactly decrees, in the opinion of the Cabinet, are illegal or unconstitutional.

“Judging by the administrative suits, we may speak about the level of their preparing, but I, in my turn, would like to stress that during the last six months many decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers were suspended with President’s decrees, and the President had to turn to the Constitutional Court”, he said.

I.Pukshyn stressed that should the Cabinet carry out “the policy this way, we will revise our work at least”.

Asked by journalists to explain his words, I.Pkshyn noted that the Cabinet of Ministers, in line with the Constitution, is accountable not only to the parliament, but also the Ukrainian President. “Although this norm is not explained in the Constitution, I believe the President has a right to turn to the Constitutional Court for an explanation, or, more exactly, to get an official interpretation of this norm – whether the President has a right to sack the government”, he said.