The college of judges of the Supreme Court has cancelled all the rulings regarding complaint of former Prosecutor General Svystoslav Piskun and closed the case, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

      The ground was Mr. Piskun’s petition dated February 15, 2007 where he recalled the suit against the President on his illegitimate dismissal from the Prosecutor General and asked the court to terminate proceedings in the case.

      Yet Mr. Piskun’s advocate was greatly surprised at her client’s decision. She called into question the authenticity of Mr. Piskun’s petition as it lacks registry of the Supreme Court office.

      Nevertheless, it cannot be even doubted Mr. Piskun has personally written the petition.

      The President’s representative in the court Mykola Poludyonyi sees no obstacles for granting Mr. Piskun’s petition. But Mr. Poludyonyi was dissatisfied by the decision of the court on termination proceedings in the case made not in substance, but in procedure. It is hard to determine even theoretically who was right on the occasion, he said.

      Speaking about Mr. Piskun’s incentives for termination of the case, Mr. Poludyonyi supposes the former Prosecutor General has admitted justness of his dismissal, but at the same time he is more inclined to suggest political motives there.

      President Viktor Yushchenko dismissed Svyatoslav Piskun from the post of prosecutor general on October 14, 2005 and substituted him by Oleksandr Medvedko on November 3.

      On November 18, 2005 the Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv found Mr. Piskun’s dismissal invalid and ruled to reinstate him in office.

      On December 6 the Appellate Court of Kyiv suspended the ruling of the Shevchenko Court till its consideration in the court of appellate jurisdiction.

      The High Administrative Court of Ukraine refused to reinstate Mr. Piskun as prosecutor general on July 4, 2006.