President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych and President of the USA Barack Obama confirm the strategic partnership between two states.

It is said in their joint statement adopted after the meeting of the heads of the states.

In particular, it is said in the document that the Presidents of Ukraine and USA “certified intentions to build relations on the bases of United States-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership and Commission of Strategic Partnership”.

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“Both leaders noted common interests and values of the countries, represented in the charter, particularly: democracy, economic freedom and prosperity, security and territorial integrity, energy security, cooperation in defense sphere, supremacy of law and interpersonal contacts” citing Ukrainska Pravda.

Moreover, during the meeting the Presidents discussed issues concerning a renewal after the global economic crisis.

In particular, Victor Yanukovych expressed a determination to overcome economic challenges, which Ukraine faces, by implementation of programs of system reforms and renewal of cooperation with International Monetary Fund.

“President Obama supports this determination”, it is underlined in the statement.