Victor Yushchenko has arrived in Simferopol to introduce his new Crimean envoy, Viktor Shemchuk, to the autonomous republic’s leadership, according to the President`s press-office.

“The President of Ukraine and his regional representatives will always be a stabilizing factor and will always work to achieve national unity,” he said.

Mr. Shemchuk said his main objective was “to unite the Crimean community, promote the rule of law and ensure that constitutional rights of the Crimean citizens are observed.”

The President said “the excessive politicization” of all aspects of life “impedes Crimea’s stable progress:”  “The problem is not in your potential but in other things. We have deeply politicized all processes in Crimea.”  

He said the Crimean peninsula “plays a  very important role in Ukraine’s national context.” “I understand how important Crimea is in our society and politics as an integral part of Ukraine with many problems resulting in speculations, specific political opinions and public sentiments,” he said. 

The President urged the Crimean government to introduce reforms, particularly to achieve economic growth.

“We must find compromises. There are lots of challenges in Crimea today,” he said.

Mr. Yushchenko said today`s visit to Crimea was aimed at developing his active dialogue with society. He wants the republican government to present a plan to develop the region and discuss how the central government, the President in particular, can help it.

“If you need the President to resolve this or that problem, see me as your partner.”