Early parliamentary elections would be the best present for Ukrainian women from the Ukrainian President on 8 March.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, BYuT front-runner Yulia Tymoshenko claimed this to a press conference in Kyiv today.

She noted that she expects the President to carry out a gradual policy of uniting democratic forces and carrying out the early elections.

Speaking about what she expects from male members of her team, Yulia Tymoshenko noted: “Real gentlemen work there in our political team”.

According to the BYuT leader, she has never heard the men of her team “saying any bad word about any woman of any political team”.

“I’m proud that namely these men work in our team, and that they always, even in the political struggle, can remain political gentlemen, first of all”, she stressed.

Yulia Tymoshenko added that on the upcoming holidays she expects the Party of Regions to produce “another portion of dirt provocations and, in fact, to show their real essence, where there is nothing human, including on 8 March”.