Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych claims for readiness to search for a compromise on a series of opposition demands but believes that too much intrigues and populism inherent in it, according to the government`s press-office.

“The opposition demands will be considered very soon and some of them will be answered. If possible we’ll meet half-way or search for a consensus”, the Head of Government told in an interview during his working trip to Rivne region.

At the same time Viktor Yanukovych stressed that the parliamentary coalition and Government while projecting further steps would be guided by the necessity to ensure stability in the country under conditions of growing economy. “The coalition and Government will clear assert interests of the Ukrainian people concerning economic growth and improvement of standard of living”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, the Development Strategy of Ukraine till 2011 which the Government is completing will give a response to those proposals that destabilize situation in the country.

The Head of Government made it clear that the coalition and Government will not meet the opposition demands on dismissal of Minister of the Interior Vasyl Tsushko and Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko. The Prime Minister stressed that the Minister of the Interior and Prosecutor General do not work on political demand but keep order in the country and on laws implementation. “We will keep watch on adherence to the laws in the country”, the Prime Minister underscored.