Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych urges President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko to cooperate for the country’s development and warns the opposition of responsibility for infringement of the Constitution, according to the government’s press-office.

“I believe the President has an opportunity to join the development process of the country. Not a decay but development and to head this process”, the Prime Minister told journalists in Rivne.

Viktor Yanukovych emphasized stabilization of the social and economic situation in the country and economic growth. At that the PM stressed that the Government fulfills decisions adopted with the President, wage and pension raise for the Ukrainian citizens for example.

Besides, according to the Head of Government, the opposition’s statement made on Monday will not influence the stability in the state. Viktor Yanukovych hopes to hear the President’s comments on this statement during their meeting on Wednesday. “I have never been yielded to pressure and I am not going to change this principle”, the Prime Minister said commenting the opposition’s statement.

The Head of Government focused attention on the fact that those political forces which had not entered the Parliament or unsatisfied with the parliamentary election results are trying now to satisfy the “party ambitions of their leaders”.

Moreover, the Prime Minister underscored that it is necessary to adhere to the Constitution of Ukraine. “I am confident that all campaigns to Kyiv and attempts to destabilize the situation will come to a bad end for their leaders. The people do not need it – politicians are interested in it to satisfy their ambitions”, Viktor Yanukovych stressed.