The Party of Regions member Yuriy Boldyrev has submitted a draft on formation of tentative inquiry commission to investigate Viktor Yushchenko’s poisoning.

The Verkhovna Rada registered the relevant resolution on March 12, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

Mr. Boldyrev expects the commission will investigate circumstances of the case, find out the reasons of poisoning and discover those hampering investigation.

The draft supposes that Mr. Boldyrev head the commission, Communist Heorhiy Ponomarenko be his deputy and 13 MPs from Our Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, the Party of Regions and the Socialist Party comprise it.

Mr. Boldyrev plans to get representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Health Ministry to take part in the work of the commission.

The explanatory note to the draft says “two years have passed since Mr. Yushchenko’s poisoning, but both the President and investigators of the case conceal the truth”.

Yet former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko continually claimed he knew suppliers of dioxin to Ukraine.

Mr. Boldyrev reveals the necessity to form a commission is conditioned by “public response on the matter and absence of true information about persons attempted on the life of the President”.

Earlier the Office of the Prosecutor General agreed with two states on giving two samples of dioxin for expertising of Mr. Yushchenko’s case.

On September 2004 the Verkhovna Rada of 4th convocation formed a tentative inquiry commission on investigation of Mr. Yushchenko’s case that produced no clear results so far.