Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister for Building, Architecture and Housing-Communal Economy of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak calls on the opposition “to beg pardon on their knees” for the increased housing tariffs.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this at the Verkhovna Rada session today.

Addressing the factions of Our Ukraine and BYuT, V.Rybak said: “Go to the regions, apologize, stand on your knees before the people, and we, the government of Victor Yanukovych, will amend the situation with tariffs”.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed: “it’s enough to mock over people, stop ruining all the housing and communal economy”. He accused the opposition of increasing the gas price by three time in 2006 “when the government of Yanukovych was not even on the threshold”.

According to him, at present the government is taking measures to avoid an unfounded growth of tariffs.

During his speech, only several lawmakers of Our Ukraine and BYuT factions were present in the chamber of parliament.