Deputy head of the Administration of President Hanna Herman promises to specify the gifts that she received on her birthday in the income declaration.

She said this in “Black and White” program at TVi television channel answering the question concerning her decorations and the watch, the price of which is more than USD 50 thousand.

“I have been living in Ukraine as well as in the world for many years, I did not come to the Administration of President from a street. I have always been earning a lot of money”, noted H. Herman.

“Partially, people presented me gifts, partially I bought them myself. I have a lot of things from my past years. I am 50. I am not a girl who came from a street to the Administration of President and is grasping something here”, she underlined.

“I have no plants, yachts and steamers. But I am able to earn for a jacket and a brooch. I have some pair of expensive watches, which my colleagues presented me and the price of which I found out in the Internet”, Ukrainska Pravdareports.