President of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev may visit President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych’s birthday party.

A source in the Russian consulate disclosed this to “Segodnya” newspaper.

According to the edition, V. Yanukovych is about to take a vacation on July 10 and come to one of the country cottages in Crimea.

According to the words of chairman of the Crimean parliament Volodymyr Konstantinov, it will be July 10 when V. Yanukovych celebrates his 60th anniversary in Crimea (V. Yanukovych’s birthday is on July 9).

According to information of a source in the Russian consulate, D. Medvedev may come to V. Yanukovych’s birthday party: “We expect 6 airplanes from Russia to arrive in Crimea on V. Yanukovych’s birthday”.

At the same time neither the Administration of President nor the Embassy of the RF officially commented on this information.