President Viktor Yushchenko has released a decree prohibiting the police to arrange parades and any demonstrations of their achievements, according to Ukrayinska Pravda.

The President informed of this in a Monday statement at the Secretariat of the President, UNIAN news agency reports.

Having outlined the overall situation in the law enforcement agencies, Mr. Yushchenko claimed: “A policeman would not demonstrate his force anymore.”

The President has also criticized the fact the Office of the Prosecutor General (OPG) is staffed mainly with officials from Donetsk region.

This aggravates the situation within the OPG as it works in a manual regime and cannot advocate for the law anymore.

The President reminded to the present politicians, he had raised the issue of activity of the OPG time and again but with no clear results.

When addressing to Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, the President noted he had personal rather than political questions to him on the matter.

“Tell me, please, who would be satisfied with the fact the key posts in the OPG are occupied by natives of Donetsk? One should be so lucky as a single condition for holding the post of deputy prosecutor general is to previously work in Donetsk region,” said the President having added such approach caused suspicions and discredited the national lawmaking.

The President named those representatives of Donetsk regions now working as deputies prosecutor general and heads of law enforcement agencies.

Yet the PM responded they had been working there for a long time. Mr. Yushchenko denied that saying he was investigating the mechanism of appointments.

The President called all the present officials to agree that the police, the OPG, the State Security Service and courts should become apolitical structures.