Institute of Global Strategies director Vadym Karasyov is convinced that the search in the flat of ex-Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko is aimed at disrupting potential protest actions in Kyiv.

He said this in an interview to UNIAN.

“This is an attempt to behead the upcoming protest march, which had all chances to turn into rather a serious mass action in the center of the capital. This is an attempt to not only disrupt the march, but also to bring Yuri Lutsenko out of the frames of the current and future political play, by means of accusing him of crimes and, thus, creating him an image of a negative hero”, V.Karasyov said.

The political scientist regards the search as a move to frighten not only Yuri Lutsenko, but also People’s Self-Defense activists.

According to the expert, these actions indicate that the anti-crisis coalition tries to divide the current opposition into its components, and to sort them out with different methods: with the President – from the position of appeasement and quasi-compromises, with BYuT – by means of other instruments, and with People’s Self-Defense – using a strong-arm scenario.