President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych is sure that it is impossible to build a new system of education without participation of the public.

According to the press service of the head of the state, he said this yesterday meeting with Education and Science Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk.

“How do you want to work out a strategy of education?”, asked the President. “I believe that it is impossible without participation of the civil society”. At the same time V. Yanukovych noted: “We should  improve a condition of education in Ukraine”.

On the eve of a new school year the President paid special attention to an issue concerning preparation of children for school –cost of books and school uniform. “What have you done for people to feel that authorities understand them and take necessary steps in these directions?”, asked V. Yanukovych addressing D. Tabachnyk.

During the talk the President of Ukraine paid special attention to provision schools with school buses.

D. Tabachnyk noted that they will purchase school buses partially for state means.

D. Tabachnyk also noted that improving of quality of education is a priority for the ministry.