Victor Yushchenko demands that lawmakers adhere to the constitution when expanding Ukraine’s ruling coalition, according to the President`s press-office.

“As a guarantor of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitution and civil rights and freedoms, I cannot ignore any destructive processes and demand that the Verkhovna Rada and each deputy immediately stop ignoring constitution rules, particularly those regulating coalition formation,” he wrote in a letter to the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday.

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The President said he would otherwise use his “legal and adequate instruments” to end such unconstitutional actions. He complained that those numerous violations had resulted in a “situation having the signs of political crisis.” He said opposition deputies deserting their parties “reinforce the coalition despite the constitution on the basis of individual or group membership.” Yushchenko believes their actions distort the results of last year`s parliamentary election and violate our fundamental constitutional principles.

“These facts cast doubt on the legitimacy of the cabinet of ministers, whose members have recently been appointed by the illegally formed coalition, and its decisions,” he said.

He is convinced that this scenario, imposed by certain political forces, poses a threat to the stable development of the country and its sovereignty.