The protest actions, initiated by the opposition, may force the coalition to seek compromise and refuse from its intent to completely monopolize the power in Ukraine.

Global Strategies Institute chief Vadym Karasyov said this to UNIAN today.

According to him, Ukrainian citizens have right to take part in protest actions, namely because of this the question of expediency of such measures is not raised. “If there is a right, they may use it”, V.Karasyov said.

The expediency of bringing people to Maydan under current conditions is quite another matter, he said. “From the point of view of political expediency, this is a means of showing the power of mass protest”, the political scientist believes.

According to him, the protest action is one of the arguments for the coalition to stop encroaching upon all the power prerogatives. “This is an attempt to create a united form of resistance of not only parliamentary, but also non-parliamentary forces, which are not satisfied with the distribution of power on the results of the parliamentary elections”, V.Karasyov said.

All the political forces realize now that the current power system does not correspond to the results of the parliamentary elections, he said. At that, the protest actions will result either in an extraordinary parliamentary election, or a compromise and understanding by the coalition that it is impossible to achieve a total control in the country, the political scientist believes. “They will see that this is an unrealizable desire and an utopia”, V.Karasyov noted.