If the structure of the parliamentary majority does not correspond to the constitution, it will be necessary to hold early elections, Victor Yushchenko told a press conference on Thursday, according to the President`s press-office.

The President said there were only two ways to resolve the parliamentary crisis in Ukraine. The first and desirable way is to adhere to the constitution when expanding the ruling coalition, he explained. If certain political forces believe that they can create a majority of three hundred votes, there should be early elections, he said.

“Then one must make a political decision and call for early elections. Go and appeal to the nation, and if the people trust you and love you to give you 300 mandates, then we can speak about this type of majority in the Ukrainian parliament,” he said.

Yushchenko said article 83 of Ukraine’s constitution “clearly defines” the procedure of coalition formation.

“This is a coalition of factions not people’s deputies,” he said. “There is no other model of private or group coalition formation. This is not in our constitution and, of course, there is no procedure to make it legitimate,” he said.

Under the constitution, parliamentary factions have to form a coalition within one month after their first session. “It is the eighth month now,” he said, reiterating that he saw the processes in the Verkhovna Rada as an attempt to usurp power and disrupt constitutional stability.