The Head of Government stated at the meeting of many thousands at the European Square in Kyiv, the participants of which advocate unity and stability in Ukraine and oppose an attempt of pre-term Parliaments’ dissolution, according to the government’s press-office.

      Today we urge the President and opposition to build our state together, to work for improvement of our people’s lives, to construct a bright country, Viktor Yanukovych said. I call you to peace and unity that is our future – unity of the Ukrainian people.

      If the President professes democratic principles and follows them, he must introduce these fundamental principles into life, the Prime Minister stressed. The choice of the Ukrainian people does not depend on the President’s opinion – he must respect this choice.

      Viktor Yanukovych assured that all the Government decisions aimed at improving the people’s lives.

      “I believe that we’ll live in a united strong state, the Head of the Ukrainian Government said. We must not be guided by emotions and act with good and loving care...”.

      At the same time the Prime Minister noted that: “We will not submit to any ultimatums. We will not support the initiatives beyond the limits of laws and Constitution of Ukraine”.