Victor Yushchenko has dissolved parliament and called new elections, according to the President`s press-office. In a televised address to the nation, he said:  

Dear fellow citizens, 

I have signed a decree to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada of the fifth convocation today. 

I made this decision in accordance with Ukraine’s constitution and my obligations as President of Ukraine. My actions are dictated by the crucial necessity to save the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to ensure the adherence to the constitution and the observance of civil rights and freedoms. I would like to say again that this is not only my right but also my obligation. 

The Verkhovna Rada is deliberately escalating the political crisis, which poses a threat to our country and nation. There are three dangerous tendencies in it.   

The first one is the unconstitutional process to form and expand the parliamentary coalition. Under the constitution, the coalition can be formed by deputy factions and not by individual or group members. Any other way is a revision of the will of the nation and the most cynical challenge for each of us. 

The second tendency is the practice to pass illegitimate and unconstitutional laws. The most recent example is the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers, which systemically violates the constitution of Ukraine and is an attack on Ukraine’s constitutional order. 

The third tendency is their inability to fulfill obligations and fraudulent policy of intrigues and betrayals disguised as national unity slogans.

In the past year, the Verkhovna Rada has not demonstrated what the nation expected from it.  The parliamentary coalition does not even conceal its main goal to usurp power and preserve its rule. 

Society is tired of seeing this power struggle and how its daily needs are ignored.  

I was calling on parliamentary forces to start constructive dialogue for months. My proposals were ignored even today. 

Violations of the Constitution of Ukraine, the biggest of them being the unconstitutional way of coalition formation, created obvious legal and political reasons to dissolve parliament. 

A new election is an extreme measure but it was inevitable. Scheduled and early elections are a legitimate democratic instrument belonging to the people of Ukraine to control their government. There will be no shocks and confrontations. The situation in the country is under control and will be stable. The presidential decree to disband parliament is obligatory. 

I warn hotheads against any illegal calls, intentions and actions. I would like to tell the citizens of Ukraine that our path is challenging but democratic. Do not succumb to provocations. Any attack on your security will be stopped and punished.

The snap election will be held in accordance with Ukraine’s constitution, as well as the national and international standards of democracy. The vote will be free. I firmly guarantee this right. The election will be monitored by international observers.

I call on the nation to make a responsible, conscious and fair choice which will help end political arguments and open up new vistas for Ukraine.

You are the only source of power in Ukraine. No one can usurp your right. Ukraine’s President and constitution are the guards of your rights. Ukraine needs your help and your support.