Ukrainian Grain Association supports the intentions of the Government of Ukraine not to impose limitations for grain exports, stated the notification of Ukrainian Grain Association dated September 13, according to

 AgriMarket.Info. The members of the Association are agree with the announcement of Nikolay Azarov, the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, that despite the droughts, the country harvested the sufficient volumes of grains, in order to satisfy all export and domestic requirements, noted Vladimir Klimenko, the President of Ukrainian Grain Association.

The Association hopes that from now the Government will remove all the artificial barriers for grain trading companies work, the vessels with grains will be put out to the sea, and the criminal cases, which the Customs Service initiated, regarding Ukrainian associated companies of the world-known grain enterprises, will be stopped.

Cargoes blocking costs to the exporters at the level of about tens thousands USD per day. And the losses for one vessel demurrage, which was delayed in July 2010, exceeded 1 mln USD. The members of the Association wonder who will pay for all such distractions, which was artificially created on the grain market of the country, stated V.Klimenko.

Ukrainian Grain Association also noted that grain export blocking has already paralyzed grain trade. Because under the conditions, when the Customs Service frees the cargoes (as the Ukrainian ports make us sure) only after arriving of the decision from Kiev, it is impossible to purchase grains from agrarians. And if the Government does not change the situation in the nearest time, thousands of small producers will go bust, and the spring field works will be also paralyzed.

According to the Association, under the conditions of export blocking, the only positive step is the Government decision about debt repayment with VAT-bonds. However, while the major mass of grains exporters finally received the bonds, three associated enterprises of the world-known companies were not in the list due to unknown reasons. The information about the fact was sent to the Administration of the President of Ukraine, stated the announcement of Ukrainian Grain Association.