Ukraine and Brazil are preparing the launch of a new space launch vehicle "Cyclone-4", according to the Department of Information and Communications of the Secretariat of the CMU. The first launch of Ukrainian-made rocket is planed for 2012 on Brazilian launch site near Alcantara. The State Minister of Defense of Brazil Mr. Nelson Azevedo Jobim said this today during meeting with the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

"The basic project is already prepared and we have every opportunity to implement such a launch in 2012" - the Minister of Defense of Brazil noted.

Mykola Azarov appreciated the high level of bilateral cooperation between our countries. "We have very good relations with Brazil, evidenced by an ambitious joint project to build a spaceport in Brazil, although the work could take place much faster pace. We see great prospects for bilateral trade and economic cooperation. We hope that your visit will enhance cooperation between our two defense departments. We have lot of things to propose to Brazil" - Mykola Azarov emphasized.

Mr. Nelson Azevedo Jobim informed that the Ministries of Defense of Ukraine and Brazil signed an agreement on cooperation in defense sphere. The agreement provides for establishment of joint working groups in aviation industry, shipbuilding, armored vehicles, air defense and radar systems.

According to him, working groups will start operation from November, so that to move to the practical implementation of cooperation projects in these areas from January 2011.

"You will soon receive news from us regarding the fact what Brazil chooses" - assured Mr. Jobim.