The ruling coalition is ready to make concessions to the opposition in case if the decree on dissolving the parliament is cancelled.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych claimed this at a government session today.

“It is possible to find a way out of this situation. It is necessary to work out a plan of actions, which may be approximately as follows: simultaneously the decree and the VR resolution, adopted on the night of 2 April, are abolished”, Victor Yanukovych said.

The Prime Minister also considers possible to adopt a political decision, concerning lawmakers’ transferring from the opposition to the coalition. “But, at that, we should not interfere into the decision of the Constitutional Court concerning the imperative mandate. And a political decision may be made to calm down the President and the opposition”, he believes.

Victor Yanukovych stressed that the ruling coalition is ready to achieve a compromise concerning introducing amendments into the law on the Cabinet of Ministers. “We submitted a relevant draft law, it was adopted in the first reading, let us attentively look at the President’s proposals and think what can be done when considering the draft law in the second reading. We can make concessions”, the Prime Minister said.

In addition, Victor Yanukovych does not rule out that the National Unity Pact may be given a rank of law. “If we signed it and are ready to fulfill, and we fulfill it, let us see how it may be strengthened as a law”, he noted. According to the Prime Minister, it is quite possible to include provisions of the Pact into the law on principles of the foreign and interior policy of Ukraine.