Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Monday met with Mevlut Chavushoglu, chairman of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE), according to Xinhua.

Cooperation between Ukraine and the Council of Europe on the Ukraine-EU action plan goes successfully, Yanukovych said at a meeting in Kiev.

"I appreciate that our cooperation and implementation of action plan for 2008-2011 is a success," Yanukovych stressed.

Yanukovych confirmed the Ukraine was implementing a reform of the judiciary and criminal justice, the issue which was set as one of the country`s key obligations to the Council of Europe.

According to Yanukovych, Ukraine`s government conducts measures to fight against money laundering and "does all it can to provide people with human rights."

Yanukovych also assured that the country`s authorities would not impede the freedom of speech in Ukraine as it was widely complained by the opposition`s leaders.

In turn, the PACE president said he was satisfied with a common will of the president and the parliament of Ukraine to continue vital reforms in the country.

"The Council of Europe is ready to help Ukraine to meet its commitments," Cavusoglu said.

PACE will discuss a report on "Functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine" at a plenary session in the French city of Strasbourg on Oct. 5.

Ukraine-EU summit was scheduled for Nov. 22 in Brussels.

Yanukovych came to power in February claiming the European vector was the country`s foreign policy priority.