Victor Yushchenko is chairing a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to discuss preparations for an early election, according to the President`s press-office.

“Our most important task today is to prepare for the early parliamentary election,” he said, expressing confidence it would be held in a fair, transparent and democratic way.

“I guarantee this as President of Ukraine and hope the prime minister will support my pledge.” 

He called on Premier Yanukovych and his ministers to provide money for the election and said the country had enough funds for that. He also reminded the government that its failure to implement his decrees was “criminally punishable.”

Yushchenko expressed hopes more citizens would come to the polls than last year to make a conscious choice. He said the election would probably not change the structure of Ukraine’s parliament greatly but added that the snap poll was still expedient to protect the rights of the citizens and the constitution.

“We will demonstrate that adherence to laws is our key principle,” he said, adding that the early election would help Ukrainians better understand and appreciate their rights and freedoms and political forces ensure that their members do not betray them once in office. 

The president said there would be no shocks and disturbances in Ukraine and urged the country’s law enforcement agencies to act in accordance with the constitution. “The law enforcement agencies must not be involved in this political confrontation,” he said, adding that it was also unacceptable to pressure judges and courts.

Yushchenko asked political leaders to hold no more rallies and street protests. “It is better to resolve the crisis when the streets are peaceful and calm,” he said.

Speaking about the motives of his decision to dissolve parliament, the President said it had been caused by systemic violations of the constitution by the parliamentary majority. “I will not take any step to repeal my decree,” he promised.