Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych calls on President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko “to enter the legislative field” in the situation after the Head of State signed the decree on dissolving the parliament.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych claimed this to a press conference today.

He again stressed that the government’s position is that, first of all, the constitutionality of the President’s decree must be assessed by the Constitutional Court, and only after that any decisions may be made, including on organizing the early election.

Speaking about Yushchenko’s signing the decree on the early parliamentary election, Victor Yanukovych stressed: “His actions have more than doubtful legal principles”.

At the same time, he added that the government and the coalition still believe there are chances to achieve a compromise.

“We call on the President to enter the legislative field, simultaneously canceling all the decisions of both the sides. Before the verdict of the Constitutional Court”, Victor Yanukovych said.