“Just now millions of the faithful both in Ukraine and all over the world have celebrated one of the most important holidays - Christ Revival. Rejoicing the miracle of the God’s Son revival they begged pardon and forgave”, Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych said in an interview to Polish newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”, according to the government’s press-office.

      The interview reads as follows: “And that time Ukraine again occurred in the centre of attention of the world community. But we are not to feel joy in it. Because the attention of our partners was not focused on democracy development, nor high stable economic growth – 8,5% every month during the work of new Cabinet, nor stable prices, nor wages and pensions increase, nor Euro-Integration achievements, nor successes in the WTO accedence and friendly relations with Russia, nor many other positives which took place during the last half of the year.

      Our state faces another political crisis which is, I am deeply convicted, artificially created.

      As is well known, on 2 April 2007 the President of Ukraine has signed Decree “On the Pre-Term Elections of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”. At that he has not held any consultations with the Government.

      As a matter of principle, pre-term election in any country is not an extraordinary event. But there is one stipulation – if elections are held in a strict conformity with the laws and Constitution. Unfortunately, this principally important stipulation has been ignored in Ukraine.

      In contrast to monarchies of the XIX centuries and many presidential or parliamentary republics of the XX century, the Head of our state shall not dissolve the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) to his discretion, even if he is asked about it by his political force which is in opposition today.

      Article 90 of the Constitution of Ukraine – clearly stipulates the right of the President to an early termination of powers of the Verkhovna Rada in the following cases:

      1) The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine fails to form a coalition of deputy factions within one month;

      2) No new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has been formed within sixty days after the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

      3) Plenary sessions fail to commence within thirty days of a single regular session.

      At the time of issuing the Decree on Parliament’s dissolution by President Yushchenko none of the above-mentioned cases existed.

      After all the unconstitutional decision of the Head of state, made in accordance with the principle of political expediency, could result in very serious consequences – even in civil confrontation

      What is the way out of this situation?

      I strongly believe that the way out should be within the legal field and complied with democratic principles.

      Now an interpellation on validity of the Decree of the President of 2 April is considered by the Constitutional Court.

      It would be better from all points of view, if the President, in accordance with the Law, consulted with the Constitutional Court before upholding his decision. He could ask if he had the right to dissolve the Parliament in other cases in addition to those which are stipulated by the Constitution. But it has not been occurred.

      But today all of us should wait until the Constitutional Court’s ruling.

      I declare that: my Cabinet, Parliament coalition and me personally will accept any decision of the Constitutional Court.

      We expect the same from other participants of the political process in Ukraine.

      In any case, it is impossible to hold elections on 27 May as President Yushchenko demands. If we speak of course about fair and democratic elections – it is necessary to solve many technical issues, form election committees.

      We still have time now for talks and agreements. And I urge to President Yushchenko to give up the language of ultimatum and return to negotiating table.

      Let us prove once again – Ukraine is a great European state with democratic traditions, tolerance and supremacy of law.

      From my part, as Prime Minister, I will carry out those long-awaited and so necessary structure reforms in Ukraine use all my instruments vested by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine to improve people’s lives, fulfill commitments of Ukraine to international community, adhere to the Law, democracy and order.

      We have a worthy and great history and, I am confident, great future.”