People’s Self-Defense movement leader Yuri Lutsenko agreed to head the electoral list of Our Ukraine.

Economicheskiye Izvestiya daily of 11 April writes this, referring to its sources in the Our Ukraine leadership.

In addition to Yuri Lutsenko, the electoral list will include Pora ex-leader Yevhen Zolotaryov, and also Taras Stetskiv, and Volodymyr Filenko – colleagues of orange ex-Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk, who heads the People’s Movement of Ukraine.

At the same time, according to lawmaker Mykhaylo Pozhyvanov, Our Ukraine may refuse to include into its list the People’s Movement of Ukraine.

“As far as I know, both Our Ukraine and BYuT refused from including PMU into their lists”, he said. The reason was that PMU leader Borys Tarasyuk refused to sign a collaboration agreement with BYuT, and spurred his colleagues in the parliament not to vote for candidacy of Arseniy Yatseniuk for post of the Foreign Minister.