The chief of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, Vitaly Gaiduk, sees the possibility of postponing the date of early parliamentary elections as a result of political agreements, according to Itar-Tass.

      He shared his vision of the situation at a news briefing in Kiev on Wednesday.

      “The Constitution says quite clearly that early elections must take place 60 days after the publication of the presidential decree, but there are other mechanisms, too,” Gaiduk said. “Political agreements by forces participating in the elections might prove such a mechanism.”

      President Yushchenko “has sounded a clear message to all political forces he may suspend his decree to dissolve parliament in order to allow all parties and blocs to make proper preparations for the electoral process.”

      President Yushchenko on April 2 issued a decree to order the early termination of the current parliament and call early elections on May 27.

      The national unity coalition in parliament disagreed with the presidential decision and filed a protest with the Constitutional Court.

      The hearings on the decree, originally scheduled for April 11, have been postponed till April 17.