Victor Yushchenko may rescind today’s resolution by the government which defies his decree disbanding parliament and refuses to carry out last Friday’s decree based on a resolution by the National Security and Defense Council, NSDC Secretary Vitaly Haiduk said at a media briefing on Wednesday, according to the President`s press-office.

      The government cites the Cabinet Law to explain why it cannot implement the decree but the President can sign decrees based on resolutions by the Security Council and they are biding, he said. The government also states that a few district courts have banned the snap poll but Haiduk said those rulings had been revoked by those courts later.

      “When the Cabinet of Ministers adopted its resolution, those rulings had been repealed,” he said.

      He also said the government could not cite last week’s parliamentary resolution banning it from financing the election because all the resolutions and bills passed by the disbanded Verkhovna Rada have no legal force.

      “Given these facts, I think the President will rescind this resolution,” he said.

      Haiduk also urged the country’s law enforcement agencies to ensure that the government implements the presidential decree.