Ukraine’s military do not interfere in political affairs and there is no threat that force will be used to resolve the political crisis, Victor Yushchenko told a press conference on Thursday when asked to comment on statements by certain lawmakers representing the ruling coalition and claiming that the army was put in readiness, according to the President`s press-office.

“There have been no changes in the schedule or plans of the Armed Forces, no state of emergency has been and will be declared. The army is out of politics. There will be no use of force in Ukraine,” he said, adding that he was fully informed about the situation and met with law enforcement and military leaders every day.

“Those who say such things should calm down. These are their emotions and nothing more,” he said, calling their provocative statements a “blatant lie.”

Yushchenko said he had asked Anatoly Hrytsenko to permit a group of lawmakers spreading such rumors to inspect the country’s military facilities.

“I am ready to invite journalists to do the same thing. If you are willing to monitor the situation …, then let’s do it,” he said, adding that the army and other law enforcement agencies should now work to preserve stability and peace in the country.