40th “Molodist” Film Festival started in the capital. There are more than 350 films in a program.

Gérard Depardieu with Fanny Ardant, Sophie Marceau and Christopher Lambert, Renata Litvinova and Vladimir Menshov, honorary president of the festival, ex-President of the country Victor Yushchenko with his wife took part in an opening ceremony of the festival on Saturday, according to Komsomolska Pravda v Ukraine. Gérard Depardieu leant on a walking stick, because he still treats his leg that he broke in summer.

Renata Litvinova and Gérard Depardieu were anchorpersons of the ceremony. “Cinema is imprinted youth”, she said. “I’ll remain forever young on screen despite my mortal self off screen”, she said

Than she switched over to Gérard Depardieu. According to a correspondent, Gérard Depardieu listened attentively how due to his films Renata decided to devote her life to the cinema. Gérard Depardieu was embarrassed a little bit and turned red when R. Litvinova said she watched his films in her childhood.

Gérard Depardieu is about to stay in Kyiv a few more days.