The People`s Self-Defence Bloc of Yuriy Lutsenko has approved an election list to take part in early parliamentary election scheduled for 27 May.

Leaders of parties forming the bloc admitted they had wanted to run for parliament jointly with the propresidential Our Ukraine party, but after their offer to form a large bloc of democratic forces was rejected, they questioned the possibility of unity between democratic forces in future parliament.

The following is the text of a report by Ukrainian ICTV television on 15 April:

[Presenter] Members of opposition forces continue preparations for early elections.

The People`s Self-Defence Bloc of Yuriy Lutsenko approved its election lists this morning. The number one on the list is [former interior minister] Yuriy Lutsenko himself. Other political parties which joint the bloc are Forward, Ukraine! and the Ukrainian Christian Democratic Union [the latter being a part of the pro-presidential Our Ukraine at the last parliamentary election in March 2006.]

Members of the People`s Self-Defence Bloc say they wanted to join the Our Ukraine Bloc`s election lists, but they were rejected.

The peculiar feature of the People`s Self-Defence Bloc of Yuriy Lutsenko is a great number of young people never seen in big politics before.

The leaders of the parties of the bloc admit that they are not certain about the unity of all the opposition forces if the early election to parliament takes place.

[Volodymyr Stretovych, captioned as leader of the Ukrainian Christian Democratic Union Party] It was very painful for us to learn about the position of Our Ukraine, which refused to form an election bloc with us and insisted on individual membership. After six years of captivity [of Our Ukraine], now we have to choose a new partner, but the future will show that we were right.

[Viktor Musiyaka, captioned as leader of the Forward, Ukraine! party] Again, many questions appear when setting up pre-election democratic structures: some want to take part in the election on their own, others put forward conditions to set up a bloc.

Some political forces are not going to set election blocs at all. This is an alarming signal showing that if these forces make it to parliament, it will be difficult to unite them later.

[The 5 Kanal television channel at 1100 gmt showed Yuriy Lutsenko callingon democratic political forces to unite and tell their intentions regarding future actions in parliament before the election. "I am calling for unity and openness, calling on everyone.

If we are now talking about unity of democratic forces, I would like the leaders of every democratic bloc to tell, whether a so-called grand coalition is acceptable to them. If it is so then this is a surprise for us, but we have to learn this before they are in parliament," Lutsenko said.]

This news was monitored by the Action Ukraine Monitoring Service for the Action Ukraine Report (AUR), Morgan Williams, SigmaBleyzer, Editor.