Secretariat Chief of Staff Viktor Baloha insists that Ukraine’s opposition leaders should act in unison during an ongoing election campaign, according to the President`s press-office.

      He said on Wednesday they must realize they are responsible for results of this year’s election and their effect on the country’s democratic development, and added that they had lost 5% of the votes last year, owing to their ambitions and mistakes.

      Baloha urged them to agree on what they will do before and after the snap poll. He particularly suggested that they:

      form blocs in a way ensuring they lose no vote;

      make sure there is no revival of political corruption in Ukraine’s next parliament by introducing mechanisms of making deputies responsible and loyal to their factions;

      formulate a common electoral program, which will be a core of a governmental program;

      formulate a common electoral agenda.

      “Each politician should listen to his or her own heart and conscience and decide what they see as their paramount priority – a short-term satisfaction of personal ambitions or long-term efforts for the sake of Ukraine’s civilized and democratic development. We must lose no vote given to the patriotic forces,” he said.